About us


We can say that AS Remedia was the first private equity company in re-independent Estonia, which gained the right in 1991 to produce alcoholic beverages.

The abovementioned right concerned at first only low-alcohol drinks, because vodka monopoly belonged still to the state through RAS Liviko. However, AS Remedia imposed itself rather quickly on the market and achieved a lot of popularity with its first product – egg liqueur Kiiu Torn. The liqueur got its name after the village, where AS Remedia operated and a long time ago the local fortress tower was situated. In 1970ies in that place an amusement place was established, which was very popular. Such an egg liqueur, made from pure natural ingredients, is produced until today only by AS Remedia.


In 1994 Remedia, as the first private producer in Estonia, gained licence to produce strong drinks as well.

Products „Saare Džinn“ and soon vodka „Monopol“ were brought to the market. Developing company has complemented its representative product range almost every year. In addition to production of vodka, gin and different liqueurs, the Pierre Devant brandy imported from France, is bottled here.

Production of Remedia has got positive feedback also from abroad, from neighbour countries as well as more distant countries.

„MOR Vodka“ conquered around the millennium the noblest cocktail bars and nightclubs in New York. Amongst the „importers” of the vodka were supermodels Heidi Klum and Marcus Schenkenberg.

Product „Stön Vodka“ also attracted the attention in the United States of America – a prestigious business magazine „Forbes“ included it among the ten best vodkas in the world in 2004.

Purity and reliability of AS Remedia products is ensured with precise following of the quality requirements in production process. Definitely one basis for increasing reputation of AS Remedia is usage of the local and pure raw materials.