Kiiu Torn Egg Cream Liqueur


Alcohol content: 15%

Appearance: light yellow, creamy.

Aroma and taste: sweet, characteristic of egg yolks, rum and vanilla dominate in the aroma.

Remedia egg liqueur is made of pasteurised egg yolks, inverted sugar syrup and high quality grain spirits. Rum and natural herb essences have been added to enhance the taste. The unique production technology requires no heating and therefore all the pleasing flavours of the components are retained intact.

Egg liqueur is a drink for all purposes. It can be enjoyed at room temperature or chilled, either neat or in cocktails. It can also be added to coffee or tea and used as a sauce for desserts. Many housewives prefer to use it when baking cakes.

Can be kept for at least a year at room temperature. Even when opened the quality of egg liqueur is retained up to the “best before” date. Like all egg liqueurs Kiiu Torn should be shaken before consuming.


  • 0.5L pet
  • 0.5L glass